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IMG_2874 editI have this bad habit of starting things and not finishing them. Like some drawings, or YouTube Channels, or blogs…I have an old Weebly blog that I started back in freshman year of college and kept up with it for a little bit, returning from time to time but essentially giving up on it. About a year ago I made another YouTube channel that I am now pursuing professionally and have been pretty good about making new videos or at least planning new ones. I am now starting yet another blog that I hope to not give up on this time.

I picked out some of the better entries from there for my first WordPress post to give you an idea of my style and potential topic choices. Just keep in mind that these are excerpts from different sections of the blog and most of them are a few years old. Try not to get confused. I might add some of the longer ones in seperate posts. 🙂

Welcome and Enjoy!

Subway Observations

Rats running on the tracks
A red lighter in between the steps
Sprite bottle underneath the railing
A paper plastered to the ground.

Everyone’s sitting with their phones in their hands protecting them with their lives…
I hereby promise to protect you through sickness and health… until death do us part….or until I want a new phone and you get shitty.

All the guys were sitting with their legs spread, stretched out in front of them and all the girls were sitting with their legs crossed.

December 20, 2014
People are gonna betray you no matter how good of a person you are. But along the way you’re going to find people who understand. You’re going to find, real, true friends. It just might take some time. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. In fact, go ahead and meet more and more new people. You’ll find out who you are as well.

October 12, 2014
No one knows how to live their lives.
Kids are better at living than grown ups are.
How funny is that. Sometimes the people we look up to the most are the least functional of them all.

June 6, 2014
Eventually you realize bad things happen…
and sometimes you have to ignore them
Or better yet
Learn from them.

May 4, 2014
Why do we make mistakes?
Because at one point we thought they were the right things to do.

May 18, 2014
When you find what you’re meant for, you don’t need reassurance from anyone else. That’s when you realize your life belongs only to you and what others tell you about yourself is just an observation. That still doesn’t mean you can be an ass to people. Do what you love, Love what you do. But there is always room for improvement in both your work and how you treat others. Don’t give them more than you think they deserve but don’t give them less either.

May 19, 2014
You know what??? If it’s not working out with someone but you keep trying for so long
because you see the potential, just
And if it dies off, feel that too and then go find someone else for you.
Mistakes are meant to be made to get where you need to go…but some mistakes are sweet aren’t they?
Because if they weren’t, we would be way too scared to even make them.
So feel it and let go if it’s not working out. Let yourself free.

Do what you love. Be happy for yourself.
No one else.

Funny little realization.
How did we find out about food?
Someone had to eat it, right?
And for them to do that they needed to be curious…and really hungry.

One Liners

Nightfall brings one of two things: Romanticism or creepiness. June

We all squint at the sun on a bright day. May.

Life is a series of decisions and events. April.

Embrace your emotions. Pull back your feelings. May.

Art is fragile. February.

We are all afraid of loving. May.

“Looking at you is reminding me of the summer.” -J
May 12,2014

July 13, 2014
There’s the perfect versions of us.
And then there’s the versions of us that we become.

Think about it.
We are born with no guilt, no regret, no mistakes, no embarrassments, with all these potential choices we can make and paths we can take to be the perfect us. But we make a lot of choices as we grow up. And we make mistakes. And we make mistakes because we can’t possibly know everything we have to do…without making those mistakes. We become who we are in the end, based on where life leads us, not where it could have led us. 

August 4. 2014
Isn’t it interesting that the entire time we’re alive we’re trying to figure ourselves out. You’d have thought we’d be born knowing who/what we are. We don’t. Sometimes other people can perceive us better than we do ourselves and vice versa.

We would be superhuman if we could combine out intellect with our spiritual sides…which many people disregard at this point. Spiritual, as in connected to yourself and to nature.

August 20,2014 
You make your own fun moments.
All those fun times you had, you had to have made them fun.
You had to have let yourself have fun.

Any moment can be miserable if you make it so.


I was just another thing to deal with. Maybe that’s not how they meant it. But that’s how it came out.
You don’t have time for me. Well fuck it, I don’t have time for you. Time.
There’s never enough time.
We’re always running out of time.
Out of time to make money.
Out of time to live.
Out of time to care.
Out of time to have kids.
Out of time to listen to them.
Out of time to be happy.
Out of time to be sad.
Out of time to be out of time.
Time. Time. Time.
Out of time to see who you gave birth to. Out of time to realize you are wrong. Out of time to remember you are part of this world and not at all.
At least now I know how not to love. I know the difference between forced laughter and real laughter.
Between power-hunger and joy-hunger.
Between enjoying the ground you walk on and the Earth you live on and constantly complaining about the world owing you something.
Anything. Everything.

“Well no one helped me so why should I help them?”
“Why would I do it, when I have a man here to do it for me?”
“You might be dating, but keep an eye out for other options”
“Doesn’t matter if you’re not happy, you have to pretend that you are”
“When you’re older, don’t rely on me for anything. Take care of yourself”
“Don’t get too comfortable with them”
“No one cares more than your family”
“Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna do?”
“I hate you, too”

You only have to say it once to engrave it.

12/16/13 08:42:56

Even through the thick clouds the sun shines through

And even on those days when the fog is too thick to see the sunshine,

the colors that you see around you are proof that it’s there.

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